Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Melatonin and jet lag

I mentioned earlier a talk by Dr Kristan Aronson, I was able to catch-up with her the next morning and asked about the relationship of melatonin supplements and jet-lag, jet-lag being a current topic of interest to me.  Dr Aronson said that the effectiveness of melatonin supplements is genetic and that if the the supplement is used as directed then indeed - it works.  At a conference of mainly scientific people and where many have flown significant distances I was at first a bit taken a back by the number of people who said they were taking the melatonin supplement and could affirm the benefits.

Dr Aronson added that these supplements are used by nurses on shift work and advised on jet-lag that for every hour of time difference that a person required a day for recovery - with the Sydney-Montreal difference being 14 hours, that's 14 days - she said I'll probably just reset when I get home as if I hadn't been away.  Anyway I think I'll be looking for a chemist at the airport in Montreal or Los Angeles - melatonin supplements cannot be bought and just aren't available in Australia.

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